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Hello everyone, the FAQ is back! Sorry for the long delay in updating, but I am sure most of you know the story involved. Anyway it's back, bigger and better than before. I also have the time now to keep updating this FAQ. Right now the FAQ is still homeless, so if any of you out there have a server where I can have a couple of megs to add graphics let me know so I can move it. I would like to add a lot of screenshots to help people get their RoadRunner set up.

This is a Frequently Asked Questions list for Time Warner Cable's Road Runner service. As I am in Akron, it is directly related to the service in the North East Ohio area. However please notify me of differences in other Road Runner cities and I will make note of it in the FAQ.

For those of you in the San Diego area Chris Seawood has an addendnum to this page here. You are also fortunate to have a working roadrunner.faq newsgroup, compiled nicely by Joe McDonald and the FAQ is located here. Remember the North East Ohio, and San Diego systems are completely different, so follow what is posted at these sites first.

For ease of browsing, the FAQ is now divided in sections:


I. Introduction: What is Road Runner?

II. Setting up and using Road Runner.

III. Troubleshooting problems with Road Runner.


Last Updated 5/23/97

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