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Unofficial Road Runner FAQ

Rev .8001 5/19/97

This page contains directions on how to configure many aspects of Road Runner. I realize it may at times be dificut to follow just plain text directions. Please bear with me. As soon as I find another server I can put this on since Road Runner has no web space for it's users, I will add pictures of the setup screens to aid in your configuration and setup.

  • 3.0 Getting Road Runner to Run
  • 4.0 World Wide Web Browsing
  • 5.0 Mail And News

    3.0 Getting Road Runner to Run

    3.1 How Do I Subscribe To RR?

    First of all you will need a computer that meets the system requirements below. Next call Time Warner Cable (Akron 633-1875, Canton 494-1377) to subscribe to the service. A technician will install a second coaxial cable line to the room that your computer will be in. Next the software needs to be installed. There are several companies in the area that will either install it at their location or in your home. Once this is completed you are ready to use RR.

    3.2 What System Requrements Does RR Have?

    To use Road Runner, the minimum configuration for Windows PC's is a 486SX/33MHz processor with at least 8 MB of RAM and 35 MB available on the hard drive. Windows 95 requires 58 MB available disk space.

    Apple Macintoshes must have a 68040 or PowerPC processor, at least 8 MB of RAM and 35 MB available on the hard drive. The operating system must be System 7.5.1 with the MacTCP control panel.

    Both types of computers also need a Twisted Pair 10-Base-T Ethernet Card.

    3.3 Where Can I Get The Software Installed?

    This one I need help with folks :) The only place I can think of is CompUSA but I know there is a lot more, please e-mail me the names of other places that install RR.

    3.4 My RR Did Not Come With Install Disks, How Can I Get Some?

    All of the original software installed on your computer can also be found online. Connect to the update-server using an anonymous login in. The server knows where we are coming from so it will allow us access that way. The install files can be found in the "/dist/bidsupdt" directory. Once in that directory choose the directory of your computer type, ie Macintosh, Power PC, Win3.1, Win95, or Win NT. This direcotory contains all the files needed to run RR on your particular system.

    3.5 How Do I Use Both RR And My Old ISP At The Same Time?

    If you already have an ISP when you get the RR software installed, you can load and connect to RR, then load your old ISP. If you are adding another ISP, which some users have done to increase reliability with e-mail and usenet, you need to copy the SERVICES file from the \netmanage directory to the \windows directory.

    This is the solution for Windows 95, if someone has it for Win NT, Win 3.11 and Macintosh please e-mail it to me.

    3.6 Can I Set Up A Network At Home And Use RR On More Than 1 Computer?

    Yes you can, and in the North East Ohio area, you can at no additional charge. You also can set up a local network in the San Diego area, but they charge an additional $5 per ip address. To set up the network first you need a network hub with an uplink port. (see below) Connect the cable modem to the hub's uplink port with a 10baseT cable. Then simply plug each computer into the other ports on the hub and configure them normally with roadrunner and you will be able to access roadrunner through multiple machines. (more complete instructions to follow soon)

    3.61 What Network Hubs Have Been Suceessfully Used With RR?

    Currently the above process has been confirmed to work on the following network hubs
    LinkSys 5-port Workgroup Hub
    Dayna MiniHub-5
    please send me more hub names that you have gotten to work, and if they have uplink port, or if you need special cable.

    3.7 How Do I Set Up RR To Work In Windows NT?

    Please note this is copied directly from Jeff DeLong's excilent FAQ on installing RR on NT

    1: Installand configure the network adapter. Go to Network settings and bind the adapter to TCP/IP. Press the IP Address tab and be sure DHCP is selected. Press close and reboot the system.

    2: Open the "command prompt" window. (Dos Window) At the C:\> use the ping command to see if you get a response from TWC. This is assuming you have your cable modem connected to your Network Adapter. EXAMPLE: C:\PING NEO.LRUN.COM You should get three or four responses back from TWC. If you do then your almost home free.

    3: Install your Netmanage disks, "Win95 version". Next copy the file CTL3D32.DLL from your Windows NT v4.0 CD-Rom to the C:\Winnt\System32 directory. When asked to overwrite choose YES. Restart the system again when complete. When restarted go to START then PROGRAMS then TIME WARNER ROADRUNNER then INSTALL ROADRUNNER. When the signup screen appears fill in your name and then select the FILL ADDITIONAL INFORMATION TAB and type in the primary account holders screen name then press send. A window will appear confirming your screen name and password. Close this window.

    4:Copy your SERVICES file from your ":\Netmanag" directory to the following directory. C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC\SERVICES (this is assuming you have WINNT installed on C:\. If not replace C:\ with the correct drive letter. You will get a message to confirm if you want to overwrite the existing "services" file. Click YES.

    5: Go back to "start\programs\time warner roadrunner menu" and select ROADRUNNER. Your logon screen should appear, be sure the primary account holder's name is listed then type the proper password. You should now be logged in and get a message saying you need a major update to your software. Click yes and let the new software download and install and that is that. RR is now installed and ready to run except for the "browser"

    6: To install the RR MSIE v3.0 browser using a file manager or the run command go to the :\Netmanag\Install\Iexplore directory. Then double click on IERRNT.EXE. This will install the RR version of Internet Explorer. If you want to use some other browser such as Netscape download and install it and set the "proxy-server" settings by hand.

    7: Proxy Settings, In ALL lines type PROXY-SERVER and set the port to 8080. Do this on ALL lines except the "socks" line. In the "exclusions" box type: content-server,ams-server:1080,cms:442,cms:444,cms:445 Be sure you type exactly as above with no spaces. Some browsers require a ; instead of a ,

    4.0 World Wide Web Browsing

    4.1 How Do I Configure Microsoft Internet Explorer To Work With RR?

    After installing a new version of MSIE choose VIEW, then OPTIONS and the CONNECTION tab. Check the "Connect through proxy server" and hit the setting button. In ALL lines type PROXY-SERVER and set the port to 8080. Do this on ALL lines except the "socks" line. In the "exclusions" box type: content-server,ams-server:1080,cms:442,cms:444,cms:445 Be sure you type exactly as above with no spaces.

    4.2 How Do I Configure Netscape Navigator To Work With RR?

    The most important part of setting up Netscape Navigator, is setting up the proxy settings. Go to "Options", "Network Preferences", and choose the "Proxies" tab. Then choose "Manual Proxy Configuration" and hit the "View" button. Fill in each line with the exception of the "SOCKS Host" with the words "proxy-server" and the port "8080." As for the "SOCKS Host" leave it blank with a port of 1080. In the area marked "No Proxy For" type "content-server,ams-server:1080,cms:442,cms:444,cms:445." Click Apply and OK

    To set up Netscape to send and receive E-Mail as well as access the usenet, choose "Mail and News Preferences" from the "Options" menu, and select the "Servers" tab. Fill both the Outgoing (SMTP) and Incomming (POP3) blanks in with "mail-hub." For your POP3 username type the name you use to log into RR. Fill the News Server blank with "news-server" and select the identity tab. Fill in your name and e-mail address in the appropriate blanks, click apply, and click ok.

    To make Netscape load the RR home page when it is started, choose "General Preferences" from the "Options" menu. Simply change the home page location to "" and make sure the load home page option is selected. Oncea again, apply, and ok, and your Netscape should be all set up.

    4.3 What Is The Proxy Server, And How Does It Work?

    The proxy server is a method by which Time Warner Cable both speeds up internet access, and provides more security while doing it. When your computer connects to a webpage for browsing, it is not really your computer connecting. Your compter contacts the proxy server, which is a machine controlled by Time Warner Cable. The Proxy server has on it a large (really couldn't even guess the size) area on it where it has stored commonly visited web pages. If the page you are looking for has been stored on the proxy server, the proxy server sends it to you directly, rather than getting it off the internet again. Since the bandwith between the proxy server and your computer is much higher than Time Warner Cable's bandwidth between the proxy server and the internet this is a lot faster than if the page wasn't on the server and it would have to be downloaded to the proxy server, then sent to your computer. Since the proxy server is between your computer and the internet, many people feel it provides an extra layer of security from hackers and other causes of damage on the internet.

    4.4 Can I Set Up My Web Page On RR?

    Unfortunately personal web space is currently unavailable to users of RR. Several months ago Time Warner Cable posted on their information page at http://local-server/RoadRunner/about_tech.html that in early 1997, we would receive web space in a similar configuration that users of America Online use. However since this page and the information on it is for the most part out of date, the current plan of Time Warner Cable to provide web space is unknown.

    5.0 Mail And News

    5.1 I Don't Like The Mail Programs That Come With RR, Can I Use Different Ones?

    Yes you can. The e-mail program provided with the RoadRunner system is barely able to check mail. Both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator have very good built in e-mail programs. There are also several other good shareware/freeware e-mail programs available on the net.

    5.11 How Do I Set Up Eudora To Work With RR?

    Located at Eudora is one of the best e-mail programs available. To set this program up to work with RR after instilation, go to the TOOLS menu and choose OPTIONS. Wherever you see "POP Account" fill in your login name followed by @mail-hub. (eg. tlarrow@mail-hub) Wherever you see "Return Address" put your username followed by (eg Where you see "SMTP Host" fill in "mail-hub" Fill in your name and username where it is aksed for in the remaining fields, and you are all set up.

    5.12 How Do I Set Up Pegasus Mail To Work With RR?

    Pegasus Mail is another excellent mail program which the unique "Multi POP" feature allowing you to check several e-mail addresses all at once. It can be found at To set it up to work with RR choose FILE and NETWORK CONFIGRATION. in the NETWORK CONFIGURATION catagory, fill in "mail-hub" as the pop3 host and fill in your user name and password. For SMTP host again fill in "mail-hub" Click the ADVANCED CONFIGURATION button and fill in your full e-mail address ( in the Outgoing Mail From Field. Go to the GENERAL SETTINGS catagory, fill in your name and fill in your e-mail address in the Default Reply Address field.

    5.13 How Do I Set Up Micorsoft Mail To Work With RR?

    I have never used MS mail although I know some of you out there have. If you do use it, please tell me how to set it up so I can post it here.

    5.2 Can I Check My E-Mail At RR From Another ISP?

    No. Apparently this was allowed durring the original implimentation of the RR system, however since the RR system has the ability to create sub-accounts, some users were abusing this and setting up sub-accounts, and thus free e-mail addresses for friends who did not live in the Akron-Canton area, nor were paying Time Warner customers. To prevent this, Time Warner closed access to the mail-hub from outside sources. This solved the problem of the free e-mail addresses, but has also prevented us from checking the mail from outside the system. This is unfortunately a case of a few people ruining something for everyone.

    5.3 Can I Check My E-Mail From Another ISP From Within RR?

    Yes you can. Many people use 2 e-mail programs for this, such as internet explorer for one service, and Eudora for another, but Pegasus Mail with it's "Multi POP" feature can do what the mail program that came with the system can't do, check multiple e-mail addresses.

    5.4 What Other News Readers Can I Use, And How Do I Set Them Up?

    Both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator have built in newsreaders, but the best newsreader available is Agent and it's freeware counterpart Free Agent which can be found at Setting up Agent and Free Agent is easy, just go to OPTIONS and select GENERAL PREFERENCES. Fill in your E-mail address and Name in the USER tab, and select the SYSTEM tab. For News Server fill in "news-server" and in the Email Server field fill in "mail-hub"

    5.5 What RR Usegroups Are Available?

    The roadrunner. heiarchy which is only local to the North East Ohio Road Runner service contains the following newsgroups:

    roadrunner.announce : Where Time Warner Cable posts messages for all users. Users can not post to this goup.
    roadrunner.archive : The RR news server deletes messages after 10 days. This group was created to preserve the old messages in the newsgroup. However it has not been updated since Febuary, and all the messages posted since then have been lost.
    roadrunner.comments : A place for RR users to post general comments about the system and it's performance.
    roadrunner.faq : Apparently this group was to created to answer Frequently Asked Questions from the users. However the need for this document proves that these questions went unanswered by Time Warner Cable. Users can not post to this group, and Time Warner Cable has never posted to it either.
    roadrunner.flame : Where RR users can complain about the service and take out their frustrations on each other. : A place for RR users to advertise items they have for sale, mostly computer equipment. : Where RR users can discuss internet games. : This is the big general help group. It was from the messages in this group that most of the information from this faq was obtained.
    roadrunner.mac .win31x .win95 .winnt : specific RR help for each operating system.
    roadrunner.users-group : where announcements for users group meetings are posted.

    Since these groups are local they can't be found on DeJaNews or any other usenet search engine.

    5.6 Can I Use The RR News Server From a Different Account?

    No. The news server will only allow access from a machine which has an ip address from the RR service.

    5.7 Messages Seem To Be Missing From The Usenet Groups, What Is Wrong?

    The news feed the RR is on is of a very low quality. A vast majority of internet groups are missing posts. While no news server can be 100% perfect, even Time Warner Cable admits the server has a poor feed. Their solution, for the users to find another news feed. (I'll put the exact message here soon)

    Last Updated 5/24/97

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