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N1K1 'George' Info and Tactics
Planes & Tactcs

Kawanishi N1K1 'George'
The N1K1 was a very formidible plane with both a strong durability and lethality. By the time it entered the war however Japaneese industry was unable to build it with quality parts and unable to fuel it properly and it's performance suffered.

General Info

  • The N1K1 in the Military Aircraft atabase
  • MJ's N1K1-J Shinden Page
  • N1K2 Historical Write Up (Author Unknown)
  • N1K2 Specifications (Author Unknown)


  • AW2 Aircraft Report: N1K1
  • AWTA 4.25 THE N1K1-J Shinden
  • The Armanment Series: The N1K1 Shinden
  • FoesDoom's Hangar: N1K2 George
  • The N1K2 "George" by Hollywood
  • Rapier's Flying the N1K2


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