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General Tactics
Planes & Tactcs

General Tactics

AWTA Manual

  • Brooke's AWTA (AW Training Academy) Manual
  • Dragon's html Version of the AWTA Manual
  • Official Air Warrior Operations Manual In .PDF Format Flight School

  • Ground School
  • Solo Flight
  • Aerobatic Training
  • Aerial Gunnery
  • Air Warrior Library

    Full Realism Advice

  • Cuthroat's Guide to Full Realism
  • -MZ-'s Full Realism AW for the Relaxed Realism Pilot
  • Rocketman's Graduating to Full Realism
  • Rocketman's Full Realism Tips
  • ^VX^'s Full Realism Tutorial

    General Flying Tactics and Advice

  • AWTA 2.1 Radio Use
  • AWTA 2.2 Navigation and the Use of Radar
  • AWTA 2.3 Spin Recovery
  • AWTA 2.4 Turning on the Edge of a Stall
  • AWTA 2.5 Turning on the Edge of a Blackout
  • AWTA 2.6 Flight Exercises
  • AWTA 4.28 Aircraft Exercises
  • AWTA 6.2 Carrier Operations
  • AWTA 7.2 Flaps
  • AWTA 7.2.1 Other Flaps
  • AWTA 7.10 Avoiding Wing Failure
  • AWTA 7.12 Chopping Throttle
  • AWTA 7.18.1 Things to do Before You Fly
  • AWTA 7.18.2 Things to do When You Fly
  • AWTA 7.20 Advanced Flight Exercises
  • Rashy's Reply
  • Richlove's Air Warrior Tips

    Getting Started

  • Air Warrior Jargon">Brewster Buffalo's Air Warrior For Newbies
  • Bug's Quickstart to AW Glory
  • Winter Lecture Series: AW Newbie Forum


  • Cuthroat's Guide to Ground Vehicles
  • Cuthroat's Guide to Communication
  • Cuthroat's Tricks of the Trade
  • Cuthroat's Guide to Being a Leader
  • Flying Skunks, Top 10 Reasons I Get Kilt
  • ^DL^'s Anatomy of a Dweeb
  • Hammer's Guide to Connecting to Gamestorm
  • Official AW3 FAQ
  • MadTalk Issue 1
  • Robert L. Shaw's AW Forum Guest Appearance
  • Scavenger's Page

  • Information as it pertains to Air Warrior.
  • Good information but not Air Warrior Specific.
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